About YP Threads

Welcome to the party!

YP threads was founded by 2 Australian brothers who were:

1) Sick of working 9-5 for the man.

2) Getting ripped off when buying clothes and;

3) Having difficulty finding kit to wear. 

And with that motivation, YP Threads was born. A clothing brand engineered to create that weekend party feeling, whilst providing guys with a great range of good quality clothing at epic prices.

We’ve been able to achieve our epic quality and prices by cutting out the middlemen between the manufactuer and the retailer. By designing our own clothing and delivering it directly to you, as oppose to selling to another retailer, we deliver a high quality product for a much better price.  And to show you we are genuine, we disclose production costs for all of our clothing, we call it transparent pricing. 

Finally, we know you prefer to shop online (more time for shenanigans), so we’re making it easy by providing FREE SHIPPING & RETURNS with a “no questions asked return policy” - don’t like it send it back.

We’ve created a clothing company built for our harshest critics, ourselves.

So if you don't want to get ripped off and you want your clothing to remind you of that first beer you crack on a friday afternoon, shop with us.

We’ll look after you.

YP Founders

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