About YP Threads

High School friends James, Jake & Jaybor started YP Threads, as we wanted do two simple things:


  • Make epic kit for lads when they’re having a good time

  • Create a great product at a good price


Cool? So, what’s a good time you might ask? Well, here at YP Threads we view GT’s (good times) as anything involving your mates. Be it hanging at the beach in summer, backyard cricket or that first beer on a Friday, we want our clothing to embody these fun feelings. Hence the tagline “Welcome to the Party” – who doesn’t like parties?


Alright! That does sound like a decent time. So, what’s the go with the second claim?


YP Threads is a direct to consumer retailer. We design, manufacture and solely distribute our clothing. What this means for you is that we cut out all the middlemen in the process, so we can create a better quality product at a cheaper price (if you are a large retailer reading this – quit ripping everyone off!). We also believe in authenticity and what’s the point in the above claim if we can’t prove it? So what we do at YP is let everyone know how much it costs to make our clothing. We call it “Transparent Pricing Disclosure” and you’ll find it on every one of our products… It’s quite revolutionary actually “Viva la YP Revolución!”


Finally, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do we take our clothing seriously. We offer free returns and delivery, and if you don’t like your YP Kit, send it back, no questions asked.


Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy your stay.


Yours in good times/partying,


James, Jake & Jaybor

Team YP (A Team)